Mark Daly (Author) 5 Steps To Board Success!

Mark Daly's 5 Steps To Board Success has helped thousands of board members, worldwide. It is your how-to resource for mid-size and smaller company boards. It helps you create a peak-performing advisory board, improve an existing board, and be a great board member.

BENEFITS - Discover How Easy It Is To:

  • Identify and attract great board members who will infuse expertise and wisdom into your organization.

  • Stay focused on winning strategies. Learn the 15 Key Strategic Questions every board should help you answer.

  • Run lively, highly effective board meetings that generate fresh ideas and help you make the right decisions.

  • Evaluate and compensate your board so that it is genuinely motivated to grow and improve your business.

  • Recruit special board members that will jump-start family and entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Become a peak-performing board member. The Appendix has 30+ pages of useful examples and valuable resources.

  • Be more successful/win more.

Ordering Information

  • 5 Steps to Board Success! is available in hardcover and paperback from: Amazon.

  • You may order 5 Steps at your local bookstore.

Praise for 5 Steps to Board Success!

  • “No book helps small and mid sized business owners better in putting together an effective board.” John Ward, Professor of Family Enterprises at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

  • “This book has the potential to become the What Color Is Your Parachute? for business boards.” Jim Collins, Author (Good To Great)

  • “I just finished the 5 Steps book and wanted to congratulate you on a terrific job. As you know I have a passion for Boards for privately held companies and find your book both informative and compelling. Well done. All of the Boards I serve on will have copies.” Ed VonderBrink, CEO of VonderBrink Consulting, LLC

  • “Great book. It surpasses anything I’ve read by a long shot, especially in ease of use and clarity… thanks for a great read.” Bill LaWarre, former President and CEO of Northlich, Stolley, LaWarre advertising agency

  • "Mark Daly has written a thoughtful and coherent book about how to prioritize and plan in a group environment. The lessons he teaches will guide any group or business to a path of success." Michael Brauninger, Kindle Amazon Review

  • “This is a subject that should be of great interest to small businesses… there is much to be said for the help, counsel and advice that a well run Board of Directors can provide them.” John Smale, Former Chairman of the Board of P&G and GM

  • “Mark’s book outlines how to find, attract and retain the best board experts. Plus, he gives tips on how to compensate, evaluate and improve your board so that it is genuinely motivated to grow your business.” Tillie Hidalgo Lima, President and CEO of Best Upon Request

  • “5 Steps is a must read for small and medium businesses… its really provocative. I’ll be amazed if that book does not become the industry standard for small companies.” Bill Connell, experienced Fortune 500 Board member and former Corporate VP at P&G

  • "A very methodical, step-by-step approach to creating a Board. Excellent if you are entirely new to the process... includes a variety of forms and example documents that would really help get started. 5 stars for small, closely-held companies" J Elwell, Amazon Review

  • “Your book is fantastic! There is lots of wisdom offered here. It covers all the bases. You have done a great service to those who are considering establishing a Board” David Deye, Multiple Board Member

  • “Amazing! This is terrific.” Jim Graves, CEO of Erwin Graves and former COO of JC Bradfordand small

Book Details

  • Title: 5 Steps to Board Success!: New Approaches to Board Effectiveness and Business Success

  • Author: Mark Daly

  • ISBN: 1-4208-3821-0 (hardcover), 1-4208-3822-9 (softcover)

  • Library of Congress Number: 2005902379

  • Pages: 340, with Index and Appendix

  • Price: US $34.50 (hardcover), $22.95 (softcover)

  • Publisher: Authorhouse

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