Mark Daly’S Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook: Available Now

Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook: The Map for Enduring Business Success was written for leadership and management teams, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and family businesses. It will help you:

o   Achieve goals, and venture into new possibilities that you previously thought were impossible.

o   Consistently win by separating yourself from competition and playing your own, higher-level business game.

o   Create unprecedented heights of customer delight, employee happiness, and professional advancement.

o   Build a lasting legacy.

o   Add value to and change our world for the better.

Ten Treasures provides you with an indispensable map or strategic playbook to guide you through ten proven, integrated paths to sustained success.

The Strategic Playbook offers unique tools and new leadership techniques called treasures. These include the CURVE, dream-statement, TRUE goal, gravity-shifts, 3-Keys-Strategy, value chain breakthroughs, 5 Steps to Successful Succession, Yes, No, & Gray Zones, TEAMS2 guidelines, and the Platinum Standard, among others. The Strategic Playbook also leverages important time-tested concepts including 80/20, Lean, OKRs, continuous improvement…

The Treasures are revealed in a unique and engaging story format through ten highly successful sages from different time frames, countries, and circumstances. All have influenced world events. Each enhances the main idea of their respective chapter. The sages provide interest, relevance, and perspective.

Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook: The Map to Enduring Business Success by Mark Daly

Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook: The Map to Enduring Business Success by Mark Daly

The treasures provide you with: 

1.   Leadership techniques (dream-statement, TRUE Goal) that define a more remarkable and vivid future (Martin Luther King Jr.).

2.   Innovation strategies that transform ideas into distinct competitive advantages (Steve Jobs).

3.   Proven processes to recruit, develop, retain, and sustain the right top talent (Coach John Wooden).

4.   Breakthrough methods that advance operational excellence and reduce costs (Henry Ford).

5.   Focused 80/20 priorities (Elevate The Elephants) that provide more time and less waste (Vilfredo Pareto).

6.   Powerful ways to manage and accelerate the pace of growth and move projects forward (Genghis Khan).

7.   Unique positioning concepts that sell and earn more profit (Giotto di Bondone).

8.   Platinum Standard leadership principles to create a healthier culture (Eleanor Roosevelt).

9.   Methods to simplify/remove unhealthy barriers, complexity, and frustration (Alexander Calder).

10. Time-tested intentional improvement tools to ensure sustained success (Marie Curie).

Ordering Information

Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook is available in hardcover and paperback versions from Amazon and at your local bookstore.

Praise for Ten Treasures

“Mark Daly shares his secrets from years of successfully founding businesses and from strategically building other businesses. Mark is a great friend. He is also a brilliant strategist. Ten Treasures will help businesses be more profitable and, of special interest to me, achieve a healthier culture. Take a journey as told through Joseph and Elizabeth as they experience Mark’s strategic playbook."

Dave Dillon, 3M, Hallmark, Union Pacific boards, Former CEO, Kroger

"Mark has been a long-time strategic confidant and mentor to me and our business over decades. Ten Treasures is truly the “best of” Mark, and his strategic frameworks that have been time-tested and successful for many great companies. The book is a straight-forward, practical guide to differentiating your company, both inside and out, to create a winning strategy in your market. Mark developed a playbook for senior managers, while wrapping it in a great story with incredible people, to help the audience really experience each treasure. A must read for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders!"

Lisa Jennings, President & CEO, PMC SMART Solutions

"One of the best business books I've ever read! All the major content of a graduate business course, but presented in an easy to read story. This is a must-read for any new manager or for an experienced manager who is looking to take their management experience to the next level."

Kevin Bright, Managing Director, Duke Energy

"I absolutely love this book! I look forward to seeing it as the best-selling business book on the NYT's best seller list. Thanks for bringing it to life. I found it easy to read, compelling, practical, and comprehensive. I am buying copies to hand out to all the leaders in our company with the first one going to my daughter (Katherine) as her strategic playbook for leading the company in the future."

Steve Steinman, Chairman & CEO, Sims-Lohman (Inc 5000)

"Love it! I’m going to follow it!"

Lisa Pruett, CEO, Downlite

"This is fantastic! Very original approach...the tone and passion are consistent throughout...inspired me to implement many of the concepts."

Alan Abram, CFO, Sur-Seal Corporation

"The intriguing Ten Treasures framework drew me in. I like the diversity of the sages, especially the lesser known ones, and how each of their stories links to a clearly laid out strategy in the playbook. Anyone interested in growing as a leader or sustaining a successful business will get insights and practical ideas they can put to use right away."

 —Joanne Spigner, Founding Partner, VisionFirst

"I have known Mark Daly for 22 years. He has been one of my top business advisors during that time. I’ve known Mark to be an exemplary strategist, a world class musician, a remarkable artist, and a great friend. After reading the Ten Treasures, I can now tie all of his ‘off the chart’ virtues into a single collection of anecdotes. I know firsthand, the dream journeys were authentic and impactful because I have observed many of these leadership themes and professional management tools from my own experiences."

Steve Cobb, Chairman, Henny Penny Corporation

"The theme of looking at strategy as a treasure really resonated with me."

Jim Wilz, Former CEO, High Growth Company

"Treasures Strategic Playbook, is a manual for business success, a constant companion for business leaders. Struggling with focus? Go to the Elephants Treasure. Challenged on growth? Study the Pace The Growth Treasure. Unclear on how to innovate for future position? Get directions from the Niche The New Treasure. Feeling like you’re pushing a rope on improving company culture? Apply the Cultivate a Healthy Culture Treasure. Keep digging. This Treasure hunt will be thrilling for you. Treat it with the respect it so aptly deserves. Listen to it carefully. Apply it diligently. Share it generously."

Peter Philippi, Chairman & Founder, Strategex

"LOVE the story-teller-as-teacher concept – for those who learn in and through the arts and humanities this brings real socio-cultural context and meaning to your content, way to go!"

—Jeff Patchen, President & CEO, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


Title: Ten Treasures Strategic Playbook: The Map to Enduring Business Success

  • Author: Mark Daly

  • ISBN 978-1-7338327-2-4 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-7338327-1-7 (paperback)

    ISBN 978-1-7338327-0-0 (eBook)

  • Library of Congress Number: 2019902940

  • Pages: 273, with Index, Illustrations, and Bibliography

  • Price: US $29.95 (hardcover), $19.95 (softcover). eBook to be published later

  • Publisher: DSA

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