Mark daly Consultant (Strategist)

Mark Daly has a proven track record of helping organizations earn superior profits, develop true competitive advantage, and endure. Below is an overview of Mark's strategic experience, case studies, and areas where performance has improved because of his involvement.

strategic Experience

As a strategic consultant, Daly has helped select clients achieve greater, sustained success since 2004. He has gained additional strategic competence by directly leading businesses (Fortune 500 to the Inc. 500) and through extensive board service. With 40 years of business experience, Mark has learned what works and what doesn't. He gets to key issues fast. He helps client discover effective solutions for enduring success.


These real case studies only occurred with the involvement, dedication, and commitment of Mark's exceptional clients.

CASE # 1: RETOOL HIGH GROWTH - A high growth business with a strong sales culture became stalled in its unprecedented growth path. The CEO reached out to Mark in 2009. As a first step, Daly set forth to truly learn the business, its culture, customers, opportunities, competitors, and challenges. Through collaborative strategic planning, we uncovered the key obstacle to growth and developed specific, purposeful plans to get back on a high growth track. At the time of engagement, the business was about $0.5 billion in sales. It was the sixth largest company in its industry. Today, the company’s market share has improved dramatically. It is now the second largest in its industry and sales exceed $3 billion:

Confidentiality note: The above sales growth chart was publicly disclosed on the Client's Website

Confidentiality note: The above sales growth chart was publicly disclosed on the Client's Website

CASE # 2: ATTACK INNOVATION - A high quality international manufacturing company’s growth prospects were slowing and its risk increasing. The organization did an outstanding job responding to RFP’s from large Fortune 500 customers. Working with the team, plans to generate innovative new products through significant customer/market involvement and intelligence were undertaken. The corporate culture was purposefully adjusted. An acquisition was targeted to add innovative product lines/diversify. DSA spotlighted a profitable product area that needed more attention. Finally, innovation talent was added. As a result, revenues have more than doubled and profits have increased 5-fold (for perspective, the business had strong profit margins at the project start). The "spotlighted product line" is now the highest profit contributor. A successful acquisition was made and the business is less risky/more diversified. It is intentionally winning with purpose.

CASE # 3: DIFFERENTIATE PRODUCT OFFERING/STRATEGIC EXIT - Faced with a declining market (print services) due to technology shifts and strong price competition (high supply/low differentiation), a fourth-generation family business reached out to Mark. After a thorough analysis of customer needs, market options, competencies, and opportunities, a strategic decision was made to innovate upstream with prototyping and package design services - the front end of the decision process (less price pressure/strong customer need for better solutions). New talent was culturally integrated into the organization. As a result, sales and profits more than doubled (while competitor sales declined). Since a fifth generation was not a viable option, the decision was made to exit the business. Due to high levels of trust, Daly was "handed the keys." He led and coached the company through the exit process. An industry leader purchased the business at very high multiples/excellent terms. Employees and the business were successfully assimilated.

Performance that measures up

Below are five areas where performance has significantly improved after engaging Mark:

  1. Better Defined Future, More Effective Strategies, and Priorities:

    • Superior, sustainable competitive advantages

    • Higher growth and profits

    • Significantly greater successes using fewer resources (80/20, Elevate The Elephants)

    • More fun winning (less frustration and lower stress)

  2. Game Changing Innovation:

    • Differentiated strategic offerings that improve customer's lives (Niche The New)

    • Proactive stream of new product introductions with higher success rates

    • Measurably better customer satisfaction and retention than competition

    • Superior financial performance versus competition

  3. More Effective Organizations:

    • Simpler, easier to do work structures (Make Work Simple)

    • Better alignment of resources

    • More inspiring work with lower turnover

    • Superior talent, stronger talent pipelines, and proactive succession plans

  4. Healthier Cultures:

    • Intentional leadership with meaningful values

    • Faster pace of growth/improvement/learning

    • Higher accountability

    • Stronger culture of winning

  5. Successful Exits:

    • Greater valuations

    • Better terms

    • Less stressful/smoother transitions

    • Leverage the wisdom of a trusted ally that truly looks after shareholder and employee interests'

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